Help Me Grow (birth-3 years old)

If you want to get more information about our Help Me Grow program or get answers to some questions you may have, please complete the referral form that best applies to you on the Ohio Help Me Grow website. This referral should be used if your child is birth-3 years old.

Early Childhood (3-6 years old)

If you feel like your child may have a delay, please complete the online referral form through Ohio Early Intervention. Please use the below referral link for children birth-3 years. If your child is 3 years or older, please call 740-397-4607.

Service & Support Administration (6 years old+)

If you believe you or someone you love qualifies for our services, please complete the referral form and submit to cpayne@knoxdd.com. All applicants must complete the Diagnosis Verification form appropriate for their ages (birth-9 & 10+). The Diagnosis Verification forms MUST be signed by a licensed physician, certified nurse practitioner, or psychologist prior to submission.