unity dome.jpg

Unity Dome

Unity Dome provides fun from all angles – In, On and Around.

IN- children can climb on the steel rings and rungs or they can hang from them. And getting inside the rope net “chimney” puts a child right in the center of all of the action.

ON- children find challenging and intriguing pathways to climb to the top as they navigate the rings and rungs. They will hang-out at the central top opening or on perch points along the way. The optional Sensory Connectors provide opportunity for musical play on the drum, tambourine and washboard.

AROUND- children love to run in circles. The shape of the Unity Dome invites them to chase one another and start a game of tag. And children with disabilities can play, too. Those in wheelchairs will be able to use the rings to pull themselves along, while a child with some lower body mobility can use the rings to provide stability as they walk around the perimeter. With so many play experiences, Unity Dome brings everyone together.