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Summerfest 2018

For the past five years the Knox County Board of Developmental Disabilities has thrown our annual "Summerfest" to celebrate summer, sun and have fun!  Each year carries a different theme and activities- this year we celebrated with many different organizations across our county!  We love being able to partner and collaborate with so many amazing organizations to help with inclusion and break down barriers for the people and families in our program!

It was wonderful watching everyone interact with the various booths set up from community partners and having conversations by asking unique and thoughtful questions to all of the first responders that came to support our event!  Thank you to everyone who helped make last week so successful!

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20 Years of Dedicated Service

If you ever make your way to Danville, OH you are sure to run into Linda.  She is always buzzing around town and knows everyone!  She is a diehard Danville Blue Devils fan and is always cheering them to victory alongside her friends and new acquaintances. 

Linda grew up in the Youngstown, OH area and went to the Youngstown School for the Retarded where she learned to twirl her baton—which she still does proudly!  Her family relocated to Knox County many years ago and she loves the Knox County community. 

Twenty years ago Linda was able to land her job at the Knox Community Hospital food service department with help from her friend and boss Parker.  She enjoyed doing dishes, building friendships and having many celebrations alongside her co-workers.  Earlier this year she retired with 20 years of dedicated service at KCH!  When she retired her coworkers put together a photo album to help her remember all of the fun memories they have made together over the years.  When she recalls all of her years at KCH, her favorite part of it all was all of the people that she was able to work with.


Now that Linda is retired she has more time to spend with her boyfriend Tom.  She loves getting to go to the Hangout for dinner, watch TV and just hang out for date night.  She loves to go to secondhand stores with her friend Lacey to buy artificial flowers.  They then create new beautiful arrangements with all of their flowers!  Her home is adorned in their beautiful creations and she is excited to help create floral arrangements for her nephew’s upcoming wedding!

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She enjoys talking to the students at Danville Elementary and High School as they walk past her house and always makes sure to talk to the teachers and crossing guards!  She loves to go to the High School basketball and football games and walking around town talking to all of her friends and neighbors. 

If you see Linda out and about make sure you congratulate her on her retirement!

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